COMING UP! 2022-2023

NEWS!! COMING UP! 2022-2023 THE HAGUE, 10 AUGUST 2022

Wow, what a weird period just came to an end in April. After two years of ‘stop & go’ we’re back on track with a lot of good news coming up. In the meantime I did streaming concerts, appeared in the photobooks by Anoek van Nunen (Cancelled by Anoek) and Ranjani Nirosha (Niroshart) started a podcast and wrote the soundtrack for the IDFA award winning movie Shabu, which currently is also selected for the Gouden Kalf longlist. I was involved in the festival Lieve Stad in ITA Amsterdam and worked with spoken word artist Sm!ta James. We had great fun since April touring Germany, Switzerland and France and we planned to keep on keepin’ on! All I know is that we are grateful to be able to live our passion again for live audiences all around the world.

Theater show about Richard Pryor
As we speak, we started the rehearsals two days ago, of this amazing play about the greatest comedian Richard Pryor. And it’s a great process to make the scrips alive with acting and live music! Pryor put its focus on his remarkable career, his mental fights and his love for music. George en Eran Producties came up with an impression of the ‘roaring seventies’ and music is an important factor in that. We will be on stage with my quartet plus that I was committed to make the sound track for this production which features director Eran Ben Michael and actors Joy Wielkens, Gustav Borreman, Leandro Cefer and Adam Kissequel amongst others.

The Legends Helden van Toen & Christmas tour
Right after that we will start working with The Legends again. My partner in crime, Wiboud Burkens and I planned to start with Swingin’ Paris Christmas Special and will make a brand new show witch will premiere in February 2023. Helden van Toen.
We will be working again with The Legends crew and rising star singer Tess Merlot.

Concert Series
In between I will (co) host our regular monthly series from the last years. We will give a concert each month at the Rietveldtheater Delft (The Legends), Avenuetheater Breda (with Harry Kanters) and Muzee Scheveningen.

Narrative & Spotify
In the meantime we are working very hard on my new cd production Narrative. It will be released the 5th of November, together with the official premiere of Pryor.
It is also on this day that my Spotify account will be (finally) updated and all my recent albums will be together on the world wild web.

Podcast Varekamp & van Lier: Achterklap
You can also find our podcast on Spotify a.o. Together with my good friend and organ player Bas van Lier we make a series of podcast about all the stories that live amongst musicians and witch form an integral part of the history of jazz.

I will be featured on Dutch TV this fall with the projects Pryor and Monet. It is part of the television series Cultuur Explosie and will be broadcasted on NPO2.

September 20th : Pryor -George en Eran Productions
Oktober 4th : Monet -Het Vijfde Bedrijf

Concerts 22-23
Furthermore there will be lots of concerts in and out of The Netherlands. We will be travelling with The Legends, Louis Armstrong Celebration Band, More Elektra, Narrative and Hammond Vibes to name a few. I will keep you posted via the socials and most of all we hope to see you live somewhere!

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