Miles! 2015-2016

Hi folks, I hope you all had good summer! I had a chance of some holiday and made a fantastic trip to Bali with Miles! for concerts and masterclasses.

However, it’s the end of august and there’s a lot in the air!

At first the Miles! tour continues. After our great stop at Bali this summer, we wil tour all around Holland the coming months. Besides that, this wonderful show will appear on CD, LP and DVD next month! With the team we are also working on the succesor; Louis! This show is built on the same basics of music, movies and spoken word and features the very talented actress and singer Joy Wielkens. Joy and me bumped into each other during a Billie Holiday Tribute and this will be the first time we join our forces in a tour throughout the country. Starting in March 2016.

Look for tickets and more information: the website of MILES! or MILES! Facebook page

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