Update June 2021

Hi Everybody!

I hope you are all alright and survived the pandemic in good condition. It feels great to be back in business again after a strange year. Feeling that I’m doing what I should do and love the most about my creative output: Live performance on stage!

It was nice to do some live streaming for a while but nothing beats the real thing! In short, I missed you. In the meanwhile I did some nice things too. I was invited by the Dutch Television a few times (Omroep Max and NPR) and was invited as special guest in a really nice special, recorded in my favorite museum, the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. Besides that I started a podcast with my friend Bas van Lier and I’m currently working on music for the movie Shabu (directed by Shamira Raphaëla) which is to hit somewhere this fall on the big screen. I was involved in the book project ‘Cancelled by Anoek’ and oh, and there were some amazing photoshoots with my favorite photographers, Piet Gispen, Ranjani Nirosha (also for a book!) and Eric van Nieuwland. In the fall of 2021 three cd’s will be released.

Anyway, we are back again! I hope to see you live somewhere in the coming time.


The Hague 18th June 2021 


Album Release More Elektra Ft. Jerome Hol

More Elektra is the succesor of the first cd Elektra, from 2018. Elektra was very well recieved. Draai Om Je Oren Magazine called the best cd of 2018 and stated the cd at the same level as Miles & Jimi. (I’m not lying) Elektra features also probably the best fusion guitarist of the EU Jerome Hol and is available for bookings!

Album Release  Sound Of Art         The Sun Rises The Sun Falls

Ft. Michael Varekamp & Wiboud Burkens

In SOA I work together as a duo with my companion Wiboud Burkens. We make some sort of dreamy soundscapes with keyboards, trumpet, effects and sometimes movies or other artists. This summer we will do an outdoor project in the area of The Hague to begin with supported by the FPK Balkonscenes.

Album Release Michael Varekamp Spirits

While I was invited as a guest in a talkshow in Bibliotheek Waldeck in The Hague the idea occurred to do an exposition! This has been secretly a long time wish and I’m very proud and honored that I can announce that I will have an exposition from the 1st of october of my works (around family themes) during the lockdown. Since this is so special to me I decided to make a new cd with original work that will be presented on the same date. I’m honored to work again with my musical clan on this cd. Harry Emmery, Erik Kooger, Dmitri Chapeau & Wiboud Burkens.

The Legends Swingin’ Paris

It took some time but the brand new theatre show Swingin’ Paris will be on tour again from this week as we speak. Last year we were cancelled right after the premiere, but luckily enough there was a possibility to reschedule most of the concerts. In addition we also do a Christmas tour with The Legends. Swingin’ Paris features the rising star of Tess Merlot amongst others.


Podcast: Varekamp & Van Lier Achterklap

The idea for a podcast came from the fact that Bas van Lier and me always have so much fun when we work together. We do not only love the music but we are both big fans of the oral history part that belongs to jazz. All this stories, anecdotes and colorful people..Besides the music this had also a major impact on our love for jazz. Achterklap is a show that takes you to the dressing room of the jazz and is recorded in the historic Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. The podcast is available on Spotify and other podcast channels.


Jazz & Stories! 

Muzee Scheveningen – Rietveld Delft – Avenue Breda

With a lot of joy I like to present the fact that also this year I’m involved in three series that celebrate the big history of jazz. In Muzee Scheveningen, Rietveld Theater Delft en Theater Avenue Breda I’ll be (co)hosting concerts with an extra. Concerts with jazz, but also about the jazz life. Combined with movies and stories. There will be different guests and different programs. Co-hosts are the great pianist Harry Kanters and my companion Wiboud Burkens.


NPR                           Podium Pop Up Cobra Museum

Omroep Max           What a wonderful world

Omroep Max           Lucky Hound

Talkshow                  Sjaak & Co

The Legends            Swingin’ Paris

The Legends             The Jip Lib

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